The essential item in your home in case of a power outage. Raed Arafat also tells which product to avoid

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What should you have at home in the event of a power outage, i.e. if we face a power outage in Romania?

Raed Arafat was asked how citizens can withstand a major three-day blackout.

“Unfortunately, for the first three days there are no magic solutions. that the authorities come with solutions, with additional recommendations Have flashlights, now there are LED flashlights that you can keep for a very long time, with a battery, have something like that at home Candles are dangerous because they can start fires, but there are LED lighting systems that run on batteries and last for hours or even days, and it might be good to have something like that in the spare house. Not only for the current situation, God forbid an earthquake, another emergency. Having something like this in the house is mandatory. Of course, in addition to this is everything we recommend on the site Be prepared in case of different s emergency categories for the three days. Have enough non-perishable food, have water calculated at two liters per day and per person at least, have medication for the chronically ill. The fact that the ATMs don’t work, it’s good to have a small amount at your disposal to be able to buy the things you need, not to depend only on the card”, said Raed Arafat on Antena 3 CNN.

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The President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, convened the Supreme Security Council (SSC) on Thursday after the massive blackout that hit the republic in the aftermath of new heavy Russian bombardments on energy infrastructure in Ukraine, the leader of the State asking for an increased level of alert in the energy sector, reports EFE and

CSS members analyzed the emergency plans to be implemented by the authorities to ensure the continuity of electricity and gas supply to citizens, the economy and institutions throughout the country, according to .

The council recommended that the government update its plan to reduce technical vulnerabilities in electricity and heat supply and to mobilize all electricity production capacities.

In addition, Maia Sandu asked all institutions to increase the degree of vigilance in identifying and quickly resolving incidents in the energy sector, so that citizens and businesses feel safe.

A day ago, the Republic of Moldova was hit by massive power cuts, including in the capital Chisinau, following Russian attacks on the Ukrainian energy system, to which it is connected.

This is the second time the Republic of Moldova has gone without power since November 15, when Russia carried out the most intense attack on Ukraine’s grid since the start of its military campaign in February. recalls that, on November 15, one of the Isaccea – Vulcăneşti lines was automatically disconnected following the Russian bombardments, and several regions of the republic found themselves without electricity.

Also on Thursday, the Moldovan border police announced that 13 border crossing points with Ukraine have seen their activity suspended due to lack of electricity on the Ukrainian side or technical malfunctions in the databases of the Ukrainian border and customs authorities.

In the Republic of Moldova, electricity supply has been almost fully restored, although around 2,000 consumers still had no power as of midday, according to distributor Premier Energy.

Maia Sandu stressed on her Facebook account on Wednesday that “we cannot trust a regime that leaves us in the dark and cold and intentionally kills” innocent people.

Therefore, she said, “as difficult as it may be”, the only way forward for the Republic of Moldova is “towards the free world”.

The Moldovan Foreign Minister, Nicu Popescu, urgently summoned the Russian Ambassador, Oleg Vasnetsov, to convey to him the strong protest of the Republic of Moldova against the Russian bombardment of Ukrainian civilian infrastructure.

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