The news that upsets the plans of Gigi Becali, in the case of Joyskim Dawa

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Cameroon national coach, former international great Rigobert Song, has decided not to call Dawa in the squad for the World Cup in Qatar from November 20 to December 18.

  • Cameroon are in Group G alongside Serbia, Brazil and Switzerland.

Gigi Becali was sure Joyskim Dawa would go to the World Cup

When transferred to Joyskim Dawa of FC Botoşani, FCSB owner Gigi Becali was confident he would recoup his investment – 350,000 euros – after the player was called up to the Cameroon national team for the World Cup in Qatar.

FIFA grants compensation to clubs that send players to the World Cup between November 20 and December 18: 10,000 euros per day for each player.

FIFA has prepared 209 million euros to “reward the contribution of clubs to the organization of the tournament”, plus an additional 320 million euros – 10 million euros for each country – as a reward for participation.

Gigi Becali: “I get my money back on Dawa”

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Gigi Becali’s calculations weren’t exactly the most accurate. If he had been called up to the Cameroon national team, Joyskim Dawa would have stayed in Qatar for at least 13 days.

Moreover, the money is said to have been split between the clubs who have owned the player for the past two years. In other words, the FCSB should have shared the 130,000 euros with FC Botoșani.

If the Cameroon national team had left the group, Dawa would have extended his stay in Qatar, and the money would have been more.

First of all, I withdraw the money that I gave to Iftime from the national team, because he is going to the World Cup, and I withdraw the money on him. I get my money back. If I withdraw my money only from there?“, said Gigi Becali during the press conference during which he presented Joyskim Dawa as the new FCSB player.

Joyskim Dawa was not in the FCSB squad during the last Ligue 1 game, pEarthute with Rapid, score 1-3. The official cause would have been an injury. The unofficial would be a dispute between the team leaders and Joyskim Dawa.

It is not excluded that the defender wanted to play against Rapid in order to be in good shape in the event of a call-up to the Cameroon national team for the World Cup. The summons did not come, and Joyskim Dawa remains at the FCSB, for now.

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