“The pain is also felt on the cervical, below. I had no pulse for a few seconds”

Article by Marius Mărgărit, Remus Dinu – Posted on Friday, November 11, 2022 at 10:05 a.m. / Updated on Friday, November 11, 2022 at 2:45 p.m.

“I don’t remember anything about the moment of that cross. I only woke up on Salvare, on the way to the hospital. I was scared because I didn’t know what was wrong with me there- Later, I saw the phases again on television. As far as I can tell, I had no pulse, and Hoban was the first to put his hand in my mouth to keep me from swallowing my tongue. I thank him very much, I also sent him a message on Instagram, he replied to me.

When I got home, my mother and my friend were there, crying. I realize that they were very scared, it’s good that I escaped so easily,” said Mikloș.

Hoban probably saved my life with the first operation, to remove my tongue. I think I bit him, my mouth was tight. I know I defended well, but I don’t remember anything about when that cross caused the injury.

-Robert Miklos

“I also thank Mr. Cristi Panin for coming to the hospital to inquire about my condition. I’m not angry with Mistrati, that’s how it is in football, it still happens, but I think that ‘He deserved the red card,’ added the goalkeeper.

He started football as a striker, but was persuaded to go in goal because “my teacher realized that I had goalkeeping skills and I loved to shoot. My father, Arpad, was a goalkeeper in Division B, at CFR Timisoara”.

I was in the stands, I don’t even know how I got down, how I skipped those commercials. It scared me, it was terrible when I saw that he was no longer moving. Thank god that was it.

– Miklos Arpad, Robert’s father, for GSP.ro

Robert Mikloș is 23 years old, he finished the Faculty of Sports this summer and “from now on I want to dedicate myself only to football, to try to reach as high as possible. My favorite team is Real Madrid and my idol is Courtois.

Robert Mikloș: “The pain is also felt on the cervical, downwards. I had no pulse for a few seconds”

Left inert after a duel with Mistrati, the Dumbrăvița goalkeeper was rushed by ambulance to a clinic in Cluj. After the doctors assured him that he was out of danger, Mikloș returned home, from where he gave the latest news on his state of health this morning.

Moments of panic in Dumbrăvița - CFR Cluj » Goalkeeper Robert Mikloș, taken by ambulance to hospital after violent contact + opponent had to be eliminated

Dumbraviţa – CFR Cluj

Moments of panic in Dumbrăvița – CFR Cluj » Goalkeeper Robert Mikloș, taken by ambulance to hospital after violent contact + opponent had to be eliminated

I have a fairly strong headache, the place where it hit me hurts a lot, that is, the temple, but the pain is also felt in the neck, below. God help you, that’s all.

I did an MRI of the ribs and the sternum, they are OK from this point of view, there is nothing fractured, and the scanner (nr – computer tomograph) likewise, I did well from neurosurgery. From what the team masseur told me, I had no pulse for a few seconds.

The family was very scared, but thank you all for your support. I received a lot of messages of encouragement,” said Robert Mikloș, for GSP.ro.

The state of the goalkeeper eliminated in the Cup:

Miklos, was knocked out by Mistrati, then passed out / photo: Imago Images

Miklos, KO. The referee, no reaction

Dumbrăvița’s best man in the opening game, Miklos, was eliminated by Mistrati. During an aerial duel in the visitors’ box, he hit him from the head to the temple and the goalkeeper passed out.

Teammates intervened first, to make sure he didn’t swallow his tongue, then the doctors from both teams appeared, followed by the SMURD who entered the field. Miklos was fitted with a cervical collar, then lifted onto the stretcher further into the rescue, and the emotions dissipated further as he moved his hands..

At the emergency hospital, where he was the subject of several investigations, he was accompanied by his father, former vice-mayor of Dumbrăvița, who had come to Cluj to see him appear.

Regarding his injury, Pitesti’s lack of reaction from referee Robert Avram to Mistrati’s aggression is questionable. It looked like an accident, without intention, but recklessness is also punished. Even with a red card! This was also confirmed by former FIFA referee Marius Avram on ‘DigiSport Special’: ‘He put his physical integrity at risk’.

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