The Ukrainian army entered the city of Kherson. The flag of Ukraine was raised on the building of the regional administration VIDEO

The Ukrainian army entered the city of Kherson hours after the Russian soldiers completed their retreat.

The Ukrainians were greeted with applause from the citizens who remained in the city. The flag of Ukraine was hoisted on the main administrative buildings.

“Ukraine is on the verge of another important victory right now and showing that whatever Russia does or says, Ukraine will win,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba wrote in a message posted on Twitter, reports AFP, according to

Anton Gerashenko, a local councilor, told Reuters almost the entire town was under Ukrainian control.

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Civilians have been told to stay under cover as the Ukrainian army searches for the Russians who failed to flee Kherson and infiltrated the locals.

“Their number is not known. They have discarded their uniforms and are wearing civilian clothes,” said Serghei Khlan, a regional council deputy.

Thus, sabotage operations and false flag attacks cannot be ruled out, as reported by the spokesman of the Southern Command of the Ukrainian army. He said a major clearance operation was needed in the area.

“For this reason, we are in no hurry to announce our successes in other directions and other cities,” he said.

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