“This time, there will be other godfathers”

Andreea Antonescu and Andreea Bălan have known each other since they were two young women who conquered the music charts in Romania. Which is exactly why no one expected the “I Know You From Somewhere” blonde to miss the “role” as godmother to her bandmate’s second child.

Andreea Antonescu, surprising decision regarding Andrea Bălan

Andreea Antonescu surprised by the recently announced decision. The 40-year-old star and journalist Victor Vrînceanu are preparing for the birth of the child, but also for the baptism.

The two have already chosen the godparents of their baby, and surprisingly, Andreea Bălan, the lifelong friend and stage partner of the future mother, will not be godmother. “This time, there will be other godfathers”declared the artist in the program “Xtra Night Show”.

Andreea Bălan will not be the godmother of Andrea Antonescu’s child

It should be noted that Andreaa Bălan had this role in the past, when she christened Andrea Antonescu’s daughter Sienna with Traian Spak.

In the intervention of Antena Stars, the mother-to-be also mentioned a possible marriage with her current boyfriend, Victor Vrînceanu. For now, Andreea is letting things go smoothly and dealing with special events that come up in her life.

“Let’s take them gradually, finish the pregnancy, the baptism and then we’ll see what life has in store for us”, says the singer.

How does Andreea Antonescu feel and what desires does she have

Andreea Antonescu announced she was pregnant on social media shortly after returning from America Express. At the moment, the star has no pregnancy problems.

“It’s very easy, although I expected it to be a little more difficult because it’s been a good few years. It’s very easy! I’m super proud of everything I’m going through now”, the singer told Antena Stars.

The companion of journalist Victor Vrînceanu, however, has normal appetites for this period that she is going through.

“Right now, exactly that of a pregnant woman. I just eat what I know to be healthy. I had no cravings, I can’t say there are things I refuse. I always eat chocolate, which I’ve done all my life.” said Andreea Antonescu for the Xtra Night Show.

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