Ukrainian press: The Russians published a video of the moment they blew up the bridge of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station

During the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kherson region, the Russian army blew up several bridges over the Dnieper, writes the Ukrainian publication Obozrevatel.

In a video, Russian propagandists showed the moment of the destruction of the bridge at the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station.

It should be noted that in the Russian Federation, the CHE bridge was confused with the Antonv bridge, Ukrainian media mention. The video of the explosion was posted on the rosZMI Telegram group.

Putin’s army blew up most of the bridges in the Kherson region, hoping to avoid a Ukrainian army counteroffensive. The occupiers also destroyed bridges in Nova Kakhovka and Kherson.

However, Russian propaganda could not tell one bridge from another, Ukrainian media claim.

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The video shows that there was a strong explosion on the bridge of the Kakhovka power plant, after which a massive fire broke out.

Satellite images show that several sections of the Kahovskaya Bridge have been destroyed.

We remind you that the Antonov Bridge in Kherson also exploded. Despite Russian claims that the bridge had been damaged the previous day, the detonation most likely took place around 6 a.m. on November 11.

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