VIDEO Like in video games: A Ukrainian sniper eliminates Russian soldiers one by one

A video posted on social media shows a Ukrainian National Guard sniper tracking down two Russian soldiers at night and taking them out one by one.

Image through a sniper’s riflePhoto: Capture video

The recording was made through infrared at night. The footage shows the two soldiers appearing to move among trees.

The Ukrainian sniper takes turns targeting each soldier and shooting enemies, reminiscent of famous video games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield.

It is not known how far the shots were fired, or when or where the footage was taken.

This is not the first such recording shared by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. A video published at the end of October shows how an “Alpha” special forces sniper eliminated 4 Russian soldiers one after another at an observation post.

Russia recently announced that it has created the world’s “first remote-controlled anti-sniper system”

The Russian company Lobaev Arms recently claimed to have created the world’s “first remote-controlled anti-sniper system”.

Vladislav Lobaev, the company’s founder, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, one of the Russian state news agencies, that the system called “Rubezh” includes a “decoy”, a fake weapon and a complex of destruction.

“We’re not even talking about a rifle, we’re talking about a robotic weapon with an electric trigger and activation mechanisms,” he said.

However, so far in Ukraine it must be said that no such weapons have been seen.


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