Video | Sepsi – Petrolul 2-0. Ploiešteni “KO”, almost without chances. Covăsneni also had a disallowed goal and a bar

11.11.2022, 23:00

  • League 1: ChinaLighthouseSaturday, 5:30 p.m., DGS 1

  • League 1: FastUniversity of CraiovaSaturday, 8:30 p.m., DGS 1

SEPS he won the game with oileasier than the score shows, 2-0, in the 18th stage of Ligue 1. The “double” of veteran Rondon solved the game.

Sepsi – Petrolul 2-0. Rondon scored a “double”

Sepsi controlled the game from the first minute and Aganovic missed the first chance of the game. The goal came in the 16th minute and Rondon scored from a cross from Aganovic.

Ștefănescu then missed a chance, and Matei wasted a chance from the “alone with goalkeeper” position, after Mathaus dispossessed him from behind, at the last moment.

The last phase of the first half was strange, but also fun, because Matei, who was preparing for the ladder, took the ball out of the field because he thought it was a foul in the attack.

Sepsi – Petrolul 2-0. The Covăsnenians had another bar and a disallowed goal

The second half started the same way as the first, with a goal scored quickly. The same Rondon succeeded, who scored from the same Mathaus.

After an hour, Tamas’ header clears the crossbar, and a few minutes later, Safranko’s shot is blocked by Vâlceanu.

In the 66th minute, Matei scored, but the goal was ruled out after many minutes of VAR consultation, for borderline offside.

Petrol attacked timidly, and Ivanovski failed to find the goal area in the 76th minute, but Grozav missed the Ploiești side’s biggest chance, in the 80th minute, alone with the keeper.

In extra time Dumitrescu’s shot was blocked by Pashov, and in the 90th + 3rd minute Huja cleared a ball sent by Aganovic and Sepsi from the goal line – Petrol finished 2-0.

VIDEO with the summary of the match Sepsi – Petrolul 2-0:

Original news:

St. George’s sepsis and Ploiesti oil they meet on Fridays, from 9:00 p.m., live at Digi Sports 1in the first match of the stage with the number 18 of League 1.

Sepsi – Petrolul, LIVE VIDEO, 9:00 p.m., Digi Sport 1. The guests are undefeated in four matches

Tonight’s duel is the second head-to-head in three weeks. October 20, Sepsis went 3-1 of Petrolul, in Ploiesti, in a match played in the groups of the Romanian Cup.

The sepsis are two straight winsand the pupils of Cristiano Bergodi are in 8th place in Ligue 1, with 22 points accumulated in 17 matches played.

On the other hand, Petrolul is going through a better period and the “wolves” have not lost four matches in all competitions. The team led by Nae Constantin occupies 6th place in Ligue 1, the last to ensure a presence in the play-offs.

What the Ligue 1 standings look like

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