VIDEO The Ukrainian army, an absolute first since the outbreak of the war: They would have captured the same Russian tank for the second time

Ukrainian soldiers reportedly recorded an absolute first since the outbreak of war in late February, managing to capture the same tank from the Russian army for the second time.

The T-90A tank in questionFoto: Twitter – Tracking Ukrainian weapons

The situation was identified by the administrators of the Ukraine Weapons Tracker page after a video from the Kherson region appeared on social networks showing a Ukrainian tank T-72B3 a T-90A, one of the most combat vehicles most modern of the Russian army.

“To our surprise, this is not the first time this tank has been captured – it was already lost by the Russian army in February and was never recovered or was quickly lost again by Ukrainian forces. “, notes Ukraine Weapons Tracker.

The first version seems less plausible, taking into account, among other things, that the towed tank in the recording has the “roof” above it, which during the summer was improvised by many Russian tank drivers to prevent the sun hit directly on the turret of their combat vehicles and cause unbearable temperatures inside.

Ukraine Weapons Tracker dug through image archives and found what the tank in question, identified by its markings, looked like in February when it was first seen in Ukrainian hands.

“This also appears to be the first case since February 24 where the same vehicle changes hands three times,” Ukraine Weapons Tracker points out.

The Ukrainians also managed to capture a T-90M tank, the most modern currently in service with the Russian armed forces, in September.

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