Volvo has launched the new EX90 SUV. That’s why it’s the most advanced Volvo model to date.

The new Volvo EX90 has arrived and it brings a number of important new technologies. Volvo’s largest electric SUV is built on a new technical platform.

After a whole campaign during which we received a teaser of Volvo’s new electric SUV, it has finally been officially presented. It’s called the EX90 and it’s a purely electric vehicle. The new EX90 marks the start of a new era for the company, especially as Volvo has decided to have an all-electric future.

The electric sibling of the XC90 is the first of future electric models the company will launch from now on. The Swedish automaker plans to launch a new electric model every year until the end of this decade. Volvo says it plans to sell only electric models by 2030.

The EX90 is the most powerful Volvo ever

Indeed, the new EX90 is the most powerful Volvo ever produced. The electric drive system will be available in two power versions, both powered by two electric motors. The basic one develops 408 horsepower. The most powerful version has 517 horsepower and 910 Nm. The car can travel up to 600 kilometers on a single charge.

The battery with which the SUV is equipped has a capacity of 111 kWh. The manufacturer claims that the car can charge from 10% to 80% in around 30 minutes.

The new SUV is the spearhead of the Swedes’ electric range

The Volvo EX90 is all about Volvo, both in design and attention to safety systems. The appearance is massive, with precise lines, as we are already used to from other cars in Volvo’s range. You could say it looks like an XC90, but underneath that bodywork hides a new technical platform.

The number of standard safety systems on the EX90 is also more than any Volvo car ever produced. The car can also become smarter and safer over time. This is possible because it learns from new data and receives updates. The EX90 is packed with sensors precisely to facilitate the highest level of security.

The bulge you see on the roof just above the windshield is where the EX90’s sensors, camera and radars are integrated. Volvo says they aren’t “fatiguing or distracting” and are supported by high-performance computers with in-house developed software. It is also the first Volvo model to be factory-equipped with all the necessary hardware for autonomous driving in the future. In other words, according to what has been communicated, the EX90 will not be just a new car, but a very advanced computer on wheels.

Inside, the car has a 14.5-inch central screen that integrates Google services. Google apps and services including Google Assistant, Maps and many other apps from Google Play will run on this screen. The car also comes with 5G connectivity.

Orders will begin next fall. The first copies will arrive in showrooms in early 2024.

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