Warning from an American commander: The war in Ukraine is just the warm-up. The great conflict is coming

US Admiral Charles A. Richard, head of US Strategic Command, has warned that the war in Ukraine “is just the warm-up” to a global conflict involving China, according to Newsweek.

“This crisis in Ukraine that we find ourselves in now is just a warm-up. The big (conflict) is coming. And it won’t be long before we are tested in a way that we haven’t been tested in We need to quickly make a fundamental shift in our approach to defending this nation,” Richard said.

“This crisis in Ukraine that we find ourselves in right now is just the warm-up,” Richard said during a speech. “The big is coming (nd conflict). And it won’t be long before we’re tested in ways we haven’t been tested in a long time. We need to make a quick and fundamental shift in our approach to defending this nation,” Richard said.

“The current situation clearly shows what nuclear coercion looks like and how you react to it or not. As I assess our level of deterrence against China, the ship is sinking slowly. It is sinking slowly, but it is sinking because in principle , they are deploying ground capabilities faster than we are,” the US admiral added.

“No matter how good he is [planul nostru de operare] or how good our commanders are or how good our horses are – will not suffice. And that’s a short-term problem,” he added.

Richard also said the United States needed to examine its past military development to see how it could increase its dominance in the international military sphere.

“Before, we knew how to go fast and we lost that art. We need to stop talking about how we are going to mitigate potential failures,” he said.

„[Trebuie să] we are going back to the way we used to ask questions in this country. What do we need? Is this silver ? Are they people? Do you need authorities? What risk? This is how we got to the moon in 1969. We have to bring some of it back. Otherwise, China will simply overtake us and Russia won’t be going anywhere anytime soon,” Richard added.

Despite Admiral Charles A. Richard’s concerns, Chinese President Xi Jinping recently called for a better relationship between the United States and China.

In his first public message to US President Joe Biden since winning a third term as leader of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping said the two countries should return to a “healthy and stable relationship”.

“The world today is neither peaceful nor stable. China and the United States are two great countries. Closer communication and cooperation between us will bring more stability and certainty to the world and promote peace. and development in the world,” said Xi Jinping.

“China is ready to work with the United States to find the right way to get along in the new era based on mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation. This will not only benefit the two countries, but also to the whole world,” the Chinese leader said.

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