“We are his only employers. He played the bluff”

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Adrian Mititelu: “Two hours before, I didn’t even want to hear Nicolo Napoli. We understood each other in two and a half minutes”

Nicolo Napoli coached the Craiova team eight times: in the periods 2003 – 2004, October 2007 – May 2009, January – April 2011, April – June 2011 (technical director), July 2013 – February 2014, October 2019 – May 2019 , August – October 2020 and January – June 2022.

Ultras of U Craiova 1948 they disputed the return of Nicolo Napolibut Adrian Mititelu is convinced it’s the right choice.

The ‘blue-whites’ financier said he didn’t want to name Napoli, then suddenly changed his mind and, within two minutes, he applauded the Italian coach.

Adrian Mititelu has pointed out that Nicolo Napoli has some flaws which bother him but he hopes the coach will turn the team around.

  • In Ligue 1, U Craiova is in 14th place, from the barrier, with 16 points accumulated in 17 innings.

“I had a thing, in five minutes I thought of Napoli. Two hours before, I didn’t even want to hear about this option. After that, I had a moment of reflection and I realized that every day that passes is against us The supporters do not trust the interim and their pressure weighs on the players.

I overcame a certain arrogance, I said that I was no longer bringing Napoli. I called Nicolo and after about two and a half minutes he said “Yes”. We are his only employers in recent years (no – laughs).

He has positive things, he also has things that I was not happy with. Now let’s hope these things don’t happen again. If he respects what I asked him, he can be at a very good level.

The last time he left, his contract expired. He has friends in Craiova, who told him “Put on conditions, he can’t not accept, there is a lot of pressure”. And he came to tell me that he didn’t like what I was offering him. Then I said “Goodbye, goodbye”.

He blew me away, but it didn’t last. Unfortunately, both sides lost. Now he has come under the same conditions that I offered him this summer. It’s just that now we are in a very difficult situation, we have few points.”said Adrien Mititelu.

VIDEO Summary of the match U Craiova – FC Voluntari 1-0

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