Where relations between Nicolae Dică and Mihai Pintilii ‘broken’ and how the former coach ‘lost’ FCSB players

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It all started after the match with Rapid, won 3-1, when Mihai Pintilii said he had “made it fun” to play footballers and degenerated at the end of the confrontation with Oțelul Galaţi, 0-0, when the two accused each other of disrespect.

The moment when the relationship between Nicolae Dică and Mihai Pintilii would have “broken”.

Helmut Duckadam believes that relations between Nicolae Dică and Mihai Pintilii were tense from the start, because with the arrival of the former attacking midfielder, the role of the current FCSB ‘main’ was not as important in the staff, same situation in which we also found Thomas Neubert, more involved in the life of the team than a simple physical trainer.

Moreover, the former great goalkeeper said Nicolae Dică’s ‘arrogance’ also led to the cooling of relations.

The players, some of them, Pintilii and Neubert knew Dica and I don’t think they wanted to return to FCSB. I mean, he has an arrogance that’s annoying.

He said he came with his stick and I’m sure Pintilii and Neubert were out of his good graces. In these meetings, I do not know what power the Pintils and the Neuberts had.

He said he came with two people on staff, and they were extra. The players, closer to Pintilii and Neubert, certainly felt it too“said Helmut Duckadam, at the Fotbal Club, of Digi Sport.

Helmut Duckadam: “I mean, he came with rigor”

Helmut Duckadam believes that Nicolae Dică lost the support of the players during his tenure, due to a certain rigor that the footballers no longer accepted.

I mean, he came with a severity, with a distance from the players. Romanian players are not used to these things, they want you to be closersaid Helmut Duckadam.

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