Why are doctors leaving Romania? | Romania

Călăraşi County Emergency Hospital Medical Director Laurenţiu Belușică on the causes of the exodus of doctors.

Romanian doctors do not leave the country only because of low salaries, but also because of the lack of equipment and the functioning of the health system in general, explains the medical director of the Călăraşi County Emergency Hospital, Laurenţiu Belusică.

Present at a conference on the subject of the exodus of doctors, he specified that they choose to practice in other countries because there is a more efficient work system there, and the shortage of medical personnel in Romania could be covered by bringing in doctors from outside the European Union.

Laurenţiu Belușică: “Just as doctors from Romania, Poland and India come to England, why shouldn’t they also come to us? Because at the moment I don’t see any other solution.

“If in the next few months there is not a massive infusion of doctors from the non-European area, because it is clear that no one will come to see us from Europe, the doctors go from East to West, the system medical will collapse”.

We will make a memorandum that we want to submit to the competent bodies to determine the emergence of emergency orders, specific rules that will accelerate the pace at which a doctor from a non-European area can come to work in Romania.

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