Why did Florinel Coman ask for papers to leave the FCSB

Florinel Coman asked Gigi Becali for an official paper to leave the FCSB, and the sources ProSport I claim that the red-blue captain’s favorite team is Farul Constanța!

The striker transferred by the vice-champion of Romania in exchange for 3 million euros in the summer of 2017 has remained in good relations with the members of the club sponsored by Gică Hagi, in particular with Denis Alibec, who was also his colleague from vice-champion of Romania. in the 2017 2018 season.

Moreover, as Alibec is a perfect example of a footballer revitalized by the “King”, our sources say that Florinel Coman would like to follow the same course, convinced that this could be his chance to find the form that consecrated him.

Florinel Coman has asked Gigi Becali for an official paper to leave the FCSB, and ProSport sources claim that the red-blue captain’s favorite team is Farul Constanța!

Moreover, even Gică Hagi spoke a little over six months ago about Florinel Coman’s situation and called for patience from the FCSB, as they consider him an exceptional player.

“He’s going through a bad period because of an injury. Don’t forget he was out for 6-7 months. Before he got injured, he was the best player in FCSB if I’m not mistaken. He was their top scorer and best player. His entourage needs to take care of him, charge him positively and be patient with him, bring him back to his previous form. I know they had a really big offer for him and they didn’t not given.

A year ago, until he got injured, he was the best, no one could stop him. We also played with them, what did he do to us then…”, said Gică Hagi, before the match between Farul and FCSB in April 2022, in the play-off of the previous season.

Florinel Coman replied to Hagi

After Statement by Gică Hagi from April, before the direct match, Coman had a very good game in an emphatic FCSB victory, 4-0, in Ovidiu. At the end of the match, “Mbappé from Romania” spoke about the one who started him in football.

“I’m glad I played a very good game. I read a statement from Mr. Hagi that changed my brain. He’s the greatest coach from my point of view, he knows how to talk to a player, he the manager knows. It means a lot to me what he said.

He got me this game tonight. He has nothing to do with me, he has his own club. Of all the statements, this one gave me a problem.

We hope it will stay like this until the end and win in the direct match against CFR Cluj. We hope to participate in every match as we did today. We have the power to win this championship, we have the collective strength. We also have job players and talented players. We are a complete group. I’m not thinking about starting, I’m thinking about the team that will win the championship. FCSB is a team that must be in Europe year after year,” said Florinel Coman after the game.

What Gigi Becali said about Florinel Coman tonight

This evening, Gigi Becali announced livethat Florinel Coman requested that an official paper be issued the following winter.

“Well, if Coman can’t dribble past a Ligue 2 kid anymore, I feel sorry for him, because he’s a great talent. I can’t figure out what’s going on. Something, something, it’s You can’t be Mbappe at 19, as Hagi said, and at 24, when he has to be a bomb, he can’t do what he did at 18.

It means something is wrong. I believed in him, how do I give to the player I believe in? How do I give the player I want to save myself, I put money on him, 3 million, he has to take us out. He must recover, explode. He told me he would like me to lend it somewhere, he probably had something from Romania, he was asking me for a piece of paper.

But after that, if he has papers, he can go anywhere. I suspect something. I say well, wait for the transfer period, we lend you somewhere. But I don’t give you papers, that you go to CFR, to Rapid, well, I give them to the opponent?” Becali told Prima Sport.

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