World fever! Americans have ranked WC 2022’s top 32 amenities in order of beauty

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Sports equipment manufacturers put their creativity at the service of totally and utterly special designs for the tournament scheduled between November 20 and December 18, and the results did not go unnoticed.

Mexico have the best World Cup home kit, according to the Americans

Well-known American publication ESPN reckons that neighbors Mexico have the best main game jersey since the Qatar edition.

In terms of designing the gear Team USA will showcase at WC 2022, it ranks a modest 28th.

In the photo gallery below, you can see the ranking of the most beautiful World Cup jerseys, according to the Americans:

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Spectacular! Artificial intelligence has created 32 futuristic-designed jerseys, for each World Cup country

Footy Accumulators used AI-based software to create unofficial master kit kits for all 32 participating teams.

The drawings in the photo gallery below include various geographical, historical or cultural elements for each country.

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“Spartan conditions” in the rooms intended for the supporters who will go to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup

WC 2022 organizers have released the first images of Al-Emadi ‘village’, one of the venues built specifically for the accommodation of fans who will attend the final tournament matches.

Although at first glance the accommodation units look like shipping containers, they are prefabricated hotel rooms that can accommodate one or two people.

The conditions were described as “spartan” by Daily Mail reporters, believing that fans will only have a bed, toilet, mini fridge and facilities to make coffee or tea in the room. The price for such a room is $203 per night.

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