Xi Jinping orders Chinese military to ‘prepare for war’

“The army must fully strengthen military training to prepare for war”, is the message of the Chinese president, writes the Spanish press.

Xi JinpingPhoto: Noel Celis / AFP / Profimedia

Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered his army to focus on “preparing for war”, a Communist Party spokesman told Britain’s The Guardian newspaper.

“The army must fully strengthen military training to be ready for war,” was the message of President Xi, who previously warned at the recent Chinese Communist Party Congress that “dangerous storms” are looming on the horizon. .

On Tuesday, during a visit in military uniform to the command center of the Central Commission (CMC), the body that oversees China’s armed forces, Xi also called on the country’s military to be “ready for war at moment” as the country “faces an increasingly unstable and uncertain security situation”.

Xi, as chairman of the CMC, called on all militaries to devote their energies to developing “combat capability” as well as “improving their ability to wage and win wars.”

This is not the first time that Xi has sent this message to his troops, he gave this order in 2013, shortly after he came to power, and in 2017, which coincided with the arrival of Donald Trump in the White House. . However, “The Guardian” assures that analysts agree that this time Xi “has stepped up his rhetoric”.

It “sends a message to the United States and Taiwan,” said Willy Lam of the Jamestown Foundation, a think tank in Washington.

During his speech to the Communist Party Congress, Xi made harsh statements about Washington’s support for Taipei, going so far as to say China ‘does not renounce the use of force’ to regain Taiwan sovereignty .

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