“You can’t resist the heart”. Images of Vlad Gherman and Cristina Ciobănașu from the wedding. What the actor posted online / PHOTO

  • Vlad Gherman, images from the wedding with Cristina Ciobănașu
  • This is how the actor was photographed with his ex-girlfriend!

Vlad Gherman and Cristina Ciobănașu have broken up after a nine-year relationship, but the two have remained friends because they are colleagues on film sets and the protagonists of Antena 1’s “Adela” series.

Vlad Gherman, images from the wedding with Cristina Ciobănașu

Vlad Gherman posted a photo of him and Cristina Ciobănașu from the wedding on social media, and the actor also posted a message on social media. With his particular humor, Vlad Gherman confessed to having remarried, this after images of the filming of the event between him and Claudia appeared. The actor deleted the shield post shortly after posting it online.

“Yesterday I got married, today I start again! With the ex this time! I live life to the fullest! I am the happiest! What will Oana say, but Claudia? Offf… You can’t resist the heart anyway”, Vlad Gherman wrote on social media, but later deleted the post.

Is Vlad Gherman still affected or not after his breakup with Cristina Ciobănașu?

Fans were curious if Vlad Gherman is still affected after the split with Cristina Ciobănașu, which is why the actor gave an answer on social media regarding the relationship he has with his ex-girlfriend.

“I’ve said it countless times, I’ll keep saying no. It hasn’t affected me for a long time, but the fact that we somehow succeeded, even though it seemed impossible at the time. beginning, to stay friends, I thought that meant a lot,” replied Vlad German.

”It’s true”, Cristina Ciobănașu endorsed it.

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